Panorama Hills Soccer camp WEEK #1 July 02-05

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Welcome to the 2013 Panorama Hills Soccer Camp. We are excited about the start of Soccer camp and know you
are going to have an excellent and GREAT camp. In this post you will find information to help you
get ready for camp tomorrow July 02 2013:

1. Signed “Waiver/Consent release form”
2. Any remaining balance due 
3. recommended items (see here >>>)

Location of the camp:
soccer field
Captain Niichola Goddard School
405 Panatella Boulevard N.W., Calgary AB T3K 0P3

Pick up time : 12:00 PM


all info included in “welcome package” sent to all registered “campers”…
(if you didn’t receive your copy, please send us an email asap)

* All campers are required to submit a signed copy of the RELEASE waiver / consent FORM
Participation will not be permitted if this form is not submitted. Copies will be available at check-in. If your child has a medical condition that may require a need to take medication during camp hours, the camp director needs to be notified by the parent at CHECK-IN. This includes all asthma and allergy related conditions.